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Ready to go? Firstly we need the measurements of your pool so that we can provide you with a tailored quote. It’s easy! Just follow the steps below

1. You start by Measuring the pool's Dimensions ,even for the uniquely shaped one you treat it as a rectangle, then measure the length and the width with a tape measure(as shown in the diagram).

2. Get the area Square meter of the pool where you will use the figure to calculate the cost of the pool cover

3. Harmonic Systems will also include extra material for upturn and shrinkage o the exact water level measurements are all that are required

4. if your pool has steps then you ought to measure the area separately


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  • REDUCES WATER BILL : The Thermal Cover eliminates as much as 90% of water evaporation which in return reduces the amount of water bill one has to pay.

  • DURABILITY : Thermal Covers can last up to 10 years of life span.

  • PRESENTABLE : Since thermal covers are made with core of UV stabilized foam and have bounded outer laminates they look better than flimsier pool covers because they are light, tough and flexible.

  • SANITATION : Thermal pool covers like any other  covers reduces algae growth by blocking sunlight ray into the pool. it also helps in keeping the pool clean hence minimal use of chemicals to clean it.

  • SAVES ON ELECTRICITY AND GAS BILLS : Due to heat retention capability the thermal cover reduces heat loss from the pool especially at night when the temperatures drop, making it convenient for one to swim any time of the day.


  • Made from 400 micron polythene with UV inhibitors.

  • Can be accessorised with Rollup Station to aid use on larger pools.

  • Accessorised with wind Protection for pool in areas where winds can exceed 35km/hr.

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